So What’s The Campaign Plan?


Step 1: We create a simultaneous global event of thousands of WORLD PREMIERE screenings of “MICROBIRTH” all around the world – premiere launch date is Saturday 20th September 2014. This will make this a newsworthy event, just like we did with FREEDOM FOR BIRTH SCREENINGS – but this time, on an even bigger scale!

And then we start the buzzzzzz…..

We create a dedicated website (translated into multiple languages) with an “action directive”. We will identify key politicians and policy-makers in each country for everyone to “SEND A MESSAGE NOW” with just one click of the button. We will also create a global petition with share tools. And we encourage all supporters to do something visual to spread awareness, for example, changing their profile picture on Facebook / Twitter / Google + etc.


Step 2: We email screening kits to everyone holding a WORLD PREMIERE screening – (this is everyone that has “bought” a PREMIERE perk option – prices start from $60.00 for a PREMIERE) The screening kit has everything you need to organize and promote your screening:

– Sample press release to send to local news organizations
– Printable adaptable poster
– “How To” PDF guide on how to organize and market your screening.
– Sample budgets and schedules to plan your screening
– Printable and share-able screening invitations.
– A list of direct actions for everyone to take now and after the screening.


Step 3: You organise a WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING in your local town / city / country ideally on the same day all around the world!

Once you know the details of the screening, you promote it! You can hold a screening anywhere; a local cinema, cafe, community centre, school hall, hospital, hotel, church or even in your own home. It doesn’t matter if there’s another screening happening in your area on the same day. The more screenings, the better! And yes, you can sell tickets to cover your costs and also, you can even use it as a fundraiser for yourselves or a local cause.

You will receive the film well before the PREMIERE LAUNCH DATE. This is on a trust basis – you mustn’t show it to anyone before the world premiere date as this will destroy the potential power of a global simultaneous launch!!!!

Step 4: By letter, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, you invite people to be on a panel or to be a member of the audience at your WORLD PREMIERE event.

Your audience can be local politicians, policy-makers, medical and birth professionals, academics, students, parents, local organisations, friends, family, colleagues and even celebrities – you never know who might say yes! And you could also invite members of the media – local newspapers, radio, TV and bloggers.


Step 5: You hold an amazing well-attended energising WORLD PREMIERE screening, perhaps setting up a panel Q&A to engage the audience in a post-screening discussion.

-You ask for panel / audience suggestions on actions that people can take to help spread awareness. And you take photos that you later post to “flood” social media. And you ask everyone to post social media updates and to tell other people about the film and the issues!

Step 6: After the WORLD PREMIERE screening:

– You follow up with the media, politicians, policy-makers, organisations and activists to make sure awareness spreads thereby creating the ideal conditions for a change tipping point.

Soon after the WORLD PREMIERE screenings, we will make the film available to stream and download instantly at low-cost in as many different languages as possible.

You won’t be on your own. Rest assured, you’ll have full support from us and hopefully if we can raise the target amount, full support from the appointed global PR/marketing agency and the global campaign manager. Together we can do this.

Other Ways You Can Help?

We appreciate some people simply can’t contribute money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help right now. The most important thing is that you start telling other people about this campaign:

  • Tell people in your local or national organization about this campaign and suggest they do a screening!
  • Get on the phone to your friends and family and tell them about it.
  • Find out more for yourself about non-communicable diseases and the threat they pose – the more you know, the more motivated you’ll be to make a difference.
  • And you can always contact us with suggestions, thoughts or ideas – through our Facebook page, or on Twitter or drop us an email via the contact form on our ONE WORLD BIRTHwebsite. We would love to hear from you!
  • And THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for getting to the bottom of this campaign page. Thank you for listening. Thank you for caring.


Thank you again. Together let’s make this happen.

Let’s safeguard the future health of our children and potentially, the whole of humanity.

Toni Harman & Alex Wakeford, Filmmakers